• Richard and Petra

Carry on up the Ria!

Sailing up the Ria! Ria admiral and many more puns RIA d their heads during our exploration of 6 Rias from Muros to Bayona. Before our 5 lovely guests arrived Richard and I rowed up the Rio (not The Ria! ) to Puente del Puerte to buy provisions.

We rowed for exercise and because it was low tide going up river! Incredibly beautiful and as shallow as we could navigate without getting out to walk!

Apart from picking some mussels for tea!

Puente del Puerte was a sleepy back water town with a good supermercado close to a slipway.

It took us 2 hours to row up river but we motored back down stream in less than an hour even though we were laden with groceries plus local wines and beer! All for the guests of course!

Who thoroughly enjoyed drinking them eating the delicious food we served to accompany them.

August is Fiesta time in Spain and the weekend our guests arrived was the Feast of Assumption of the Virgin Mary. A 3 day festival of loud all night music and very loud fireworks, the Assumption being that nobody needs to sleep, everybody should party! And when Mary is this big you don’t argue!

The sailing was also good, light winds gave us an opportunity to teach the crew about flying the spinnaker and down wind rig.

As well as relaxing at anchor in beautiful bays

and exploring in the dinghy.

We visited the wonderful old towns of Muros,

And Combarro

And celebrated a guest’s significant birthday with breakfast Buck’s Fizz and birthday bananas!!

Our cruise finished in beautiful Bayona, which disappeared In thick fog as we approached,

only clearing as we rounded the harbour wall.

So it was farewell to our guests, thanks for being a great crew, we RIA lly enjoyed your company!!

The next day Richard and I decided to walk uphill to take in the view of Bayona

We stumbled into Surprise! Surprise! Another fiesta with local costume, and accordion music, plus Sardines, Pan & Vino for 5€!

But decided to have lunch in a delightful Tapas bar in a side street in Bayona!

Today we are heading south to Porto, in search of Port!! Adios Espagna! See you in the South!

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